She Woke Up Like This

She Woke Up Like This

So, Beyonce broke the internet.

I know, I know…..what’s new? Well….it’s not the fact that she created pandemonium that I want to talk about. It’s HOW she did it, and how you can do the same thing (maybe not as massive….but we can pretend).

What Queen Bey did was simple, and we’re seeing it more and more now than ever before. It’s called “Content Control”. Beyonce has become a master at not only controlling what she puts out, but HOW it gets distributed. You know this wasn’t just some spontaneous announcement, right? Like – she probably planned this for weeks or months, to happen on this day, and in this exact way. Social media has afforded us the opportunity to have more control over our public image than ever before (in both good ways and bad)….why wouldn’t we harness that power?

As an individual or a business, you have control over your content and how it is portrayed. We often think that we have to have someone “cover” our stories….but why not maintain the control and tell the story yourself? This is the exact reason why YouTube programming has taken off. This is why “stories” are such a hot ticket right now. Everyone has a story to tell….and we have to become increasingly more aware of how, when, and why we share what we do. There is power in storytelling.

At Crowd or Camera, we can help you tell your story – in person or online. Here’s an example of a video we shot and edited for one of our clients, MORTAR, about a Pop Up Shop they hosted featuring 5th & 6th grade student entrepreneurs.

Let’s get started and break the internet, shall we? 🙂