Why Your “New Year’s Resolution” Is Nothing More Than….

Why Your “New Year’s Resolution” Is Nothing More Than….

……An excuse. Yeah, I said it.

Hello Dreamers and Doers. So right about now is when everyone starts talking about “New Year’s Resolutions”, right? And how they’re going to make these magnificent changes going into 2017…..and “oh just wait, it’s about to be LIT”…..and “I can’t wait to start this new diet, business, or lifestyle change!”

I have one question: why wait?

If it means anything to you…..which, if you’re willing to drag out some elaborate resolution plan for it, then it must mean something…..why not start NOW? Why aren’t “End of Year Resolutions” a thing? There is something that I’ve recently re-discovered, and that’s this thing called a sense of urgency. A call to action. A will to succeed, no matter what and no matter when. As an entrepreneur, you have to always be willing to step up to the plate and knock it out the park – not wait for the perfect pitch. I know it’s the holidays and we just want to eat, drink, and be merry. But MOST of us also want to achieve our goals and create the life we deserve to life – and that doesn’t always mean waiting until the first day of the first month of the next year, does it?

Remember: the race is not given to the swift or the strong, but the one who ENDURES to the end. Let’s finish what we started.

Yours in the Hustle,

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