They Want YOU as Bad as You Want Them

Businesses and brands want coverage for whatever they are doing or whatever services they offer. It’s a natural inclination. When watching or reading media, you might catch yourself saying “Man I wish my company could get featured or be called on as a source of information”.

Well guess what? They want you as bad as you want them. “They” being whatever media outlet or social media platform you are referring to. One of the biggest misconceptions about the broadcast industry is that these stories just appear out of thin air. The truth is – stations and websites need your content as much as you want it to be featured.

Beyond breaking news and leading news stories, producers are often relying on user-generated content. Story submissions, informative and visual events (often “official”, meaning city or state sanctioned – but also community and lifestyle events, which are realized through press releases), and social media are the main sources of content for many outlets. Positioning yourself as an authority or valuable entity in whatever your field of expertise, and knowing how to make yourself marketable to media (the necessary tools) will all help you become the “go to” brand or person for those coveted time slots.

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Why Should They Choose YOU?

Why Should They Choose YOU?

When presenting your business, brand, or even yourself to potential clients or consumers…..why should they choose you? What makes you stand out over the next product, service, or speaker?

Often times we find ourselves looking at those who are great in our field as an example of how to navigate our own paths. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – but you also have to realize that what makes them great is just that – WHO THEY ARE. There’s one Oprah. There’s one Beyonce. There’s one Dave Ramsey. There’s one Ellen. There’s one iPhone. They found out what makes them uniquely dominate their space, ¬†they mastered it, and they deliver it authentically.
What is it about you that makes you, YOU? One of my favorite sayings is “I stay in my own lane.” Before I decided to stay in it, I had to create it. I had to find the lane that works just for me. It won’t work for everyone – and here’s the crazy part – THAT’S OKAY. I never wanted to be “the next” so and so or “Just like” this woman or that woman. I wanted to be the first Kyla. I want my own unique style to define my brand.
That’s what we’re passionate about here at Crowd or Camera. Helping you master your lane.
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3 Techniques for Excellent Communication

3 Techniques for Excellent Communication

Effective and memorable communication is really about employing simple strategies and making them unique to your character. Here are 3 tips to get you started:

Stand (or sit) up straight
¬†–¬†You’re totally underestimating the effect posture has on your communication. When you straighten your back, you automatically become more focused and more engaged in what you’re saying.


Use your hands 
– in a non-distracting way, of course. Using your hands emphasizes¬†whatever you’re saying at the¬†moment. The gesture also invites your audience into the¬†presentation.


Repeat what you want to be remembered
РAny information that you want the audience to take away from you is worth repeating a time or two.  Lists, key points, and quotes are just a few things you may want to consider repeating.


This is just the¬†beginning!¬†We would love to help you become the communicator you’ve always dreamed of being. Why wait? Make¬†your appointment today. ūüôā


The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication

“It’s not what¬†you said, but how¬†you said it.”

How many of us have been forced to sit through a painful, although well meaning, presentation? Wait. Ok. Before we go there – let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. Maybe you’ve been that painful presenter.¬†Please….please….PLEASE don’t be offended by this. I mean, I threw in the adjective ‘well-meaning’ to soften the blow, ok? But let’s be honest: no one enjoys those. The presenter pops in the room, wanting you to REALLY LOVE what they’re about to say, and then they pull up a slideshow of power points and go from bullet point to painstaking bullet point (in monotone, no less)¬†telling you why you should do this or buy that.

I’ve literally struggled to stay awake during these presentations. You know that one tear that drives the struggle bus of boredom down your face when you’re REALLY fighting Mr. Sandman?! Yep…that’s when it¬†shows up.

I digress. The bottom line is this¬†– it totally doesn’t have to be that way. You¬†know¬†how I know?¬†Because I’ve also had the pleasure of attending some phenomenal presentations. Keynotes and speeches and conferences with engaging speakers who know how to capture an audience. How do they do it? Well, first of all,¬†they usually speak from¬†the heart and not from the paper. I’m not saying great speakers don’t use notes. I’m saying that if they do, you don’t usually know it.

There are several other strategies (intended and unintended) that great speakers employ that make them just that, GREAT. And that’s why we’re¬†here. Maybe you don’t have the natural ability to speak to a crowd of 100 or 1,000 –¬†or to a crowd of one microphone and one camera. That shouldn’t count you out from being called upon as a commentator, speaker,¬†or expert in¬†your field.¬† With the right training….¬†in a personalized, engaging,¬†and¬†productive environment….(And fun.¬†Like, bowtie t-shirt kind of fun. Because we’re formal but we like to party)…, too, can master the art of communication.

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